We have enjoyed bikes for years...even when Jared was too young to have his own bike... (riding on Mt Baker Hwy)Biking came natural for Jared...he was born with bike fever~Jared and Todd from "Lowriders" in Osoyoos....on his Fatboy.An Autumn ride to Cultus Lake...Ride to Whistler...with a stop in Horseshoe Bay. Burning with color ...trees in our back yard..
2008 cruise to Anacortes to the "Oyster Run"Larry, Peter, Ron & TonyLarry & Jared in Osoyoos with Mario (shipped his Harley here from Switzerland for and extended curise)Jared gets Marlene's bike...Marlene gets my old bike...and I get a new Ultra inverted fork chopper with 113c.u. S&S.Oyster run....lots of bikes and leather.Trying on "cool" glasses...Jared, Marlene and Scott.